Elegance……fashion inspired portraits of women

What to Wear

Wondering what to wear for your “Elegance” session? We have put together some different looks in the gallery above to give you ideas, some may suit you more than others!

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Try to bring at least 4-5 outfits even if they are from one style. You’ll notice that most clothes are in solid colours, no patterns, but we love texture, lace, shine and over the top the better…..so raid that closet, go shopping, and bring everything…the more the merrier.

Clothing styles: Be sure everything you bring is form fitting.

“Comfort” –  described as soft, simple and  fitted.  Think soft sweaters, off the shoulder casual tops, camisoles in light colours and dark, simple tops with 3/4 sleeves. Interesting necklines,shine, even one strong colour if you like! Bring your best pair of jeans and one pair of heels. Jewellery you normally wear and accessories.

“Elegant”  described as glamourous, intimate and fitted. Think dresses and tops in lace, with shine or sparkle, sheer or lacy. Lingerie is nice with stockings and heels.Light to med tones are elegant but so is black and a shot of bold colour! Pearls and bold jewellery with your best heels.

“Romantic” –  feminine and girly in a soft lacy way. Again shine and sparkle work, as does sheer or intimate wear. Corsets, lace skirts or dresses, layers of sheer over lace, dark colours or light. Bring your best heels and layers of pearls and crystals, hats, fascinators, feathers and have fun with it!

“Intimate” – bare, sexy and courageous! Silky, sensual or fun and bold to suit your personality. Light colours or dark with matching heels. Bring a sheer robe to cover your arms if you are a curvy girl. Let’s have fun with this one, go shopping, you deserve something nice and it’s time to show it off!