Elegance……fashion inspired portraits of women

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I know I haven’t written here for a long while, too busy getting the new website up and ready…stay tuned it’s coming soon!

jordan-185-Edit-2This is the friend from Switzerland that I promised would be featured soon….these two ladies had so much fun posing together and then doing their own thing as well. That’s what an “Elegance” session is all about…it can be anything you wish!  If it’s your dream to document your friendships while at the same time boosting your own self confidence, then come in here girl and let’s get started!


glamour photography by studio two photography jordan-35-Edit jordan-113 edit jordan-123-Edit

Wall decor – new service

Did you know we have a designer on staff who can help you every step of the way to figuring out where to hang your finished artwork from Studio Two Photography?

Meet Lina Marinelli.

She has been in residential and commercial interior design for over 15 years.

How can she help?  In three ways: Choose one service or all three: Starting at $50 

Planning: visit the home to get a sense of your style and see colours used already so that the finished pieces harmonize beautifully with your decor. She can also answer other design questions at this time.

Measuring: visit the home to take measurements of walls and plan the size for each image dependant on where it will go. She will design collages or add to existing ones. She can incorporate mirrors and personal accessories if you wish. This is usually done after your ordering session so we know which images you will be hanging. I can also come to this appointment if you wish. I will take photos of the space and then I can add the plan to it with your images showing you exactly as it will appear on your wall…..in scale!

Hanging: Lina and/or her staff will visit the home to hang each piece in the correct manner. Saves you or your husband countless hours trying to get them level and evenly spaced!

I wish I had found her sooner….what a great service!

studio two photography

meet our new designer at Studio Two Photography

Mother/daughter session

before shot at studio two photography

before shot at studio two photography

I always like to encourage our ladies to have their family join them at the end of a session. This particular shoot was not a full Elegance per se, but I think it illustrates the benefit of having your daughter join in for a few shots at the end of your own private session.

I show her before shot first then a couple shots from the session….I think you will agree, she looks great! Celebrate how awesome you feel right now….don’t wait….record it now …a gift for you.studio two photography-88-Edit studiotwophotography-107-Edit studiotwophotography-Edit

Another great before & after

We always like to show off the before & after for any ladies that will allow it…it takes courage to be shown like this! But I’m sure you will agree, she looks awesome before and after!  Just a little help from the lovely JennyV Makeup….who for someone who has just had a baby…is working away and keeping our clients happy. Check out the blog on my regular site  www.studio2.ca for photos of Jenny’s newborn baby. But I digress…..wouldn’t you love to have an “Elegance” session of your own?  No reasons needed….just the best photos you’ll ever have taken of yourself.studio two glamour photography-